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Infant/Toddler Program

Our goal is to grow with your child.

We offer three central locations in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Infant/Toddler Program Ages: Birth-1

Hours of Operation: 7 AM- 5:30 PM


7602 N. Michigan Road Indianapolis, Indiana 46268


Preschool Program

Ages 2-3

Hours of Operation: 7 AM- 5:30 PM


7710 N. Michigan Road Indianapolis, Indiana 46268


Pre-K Program

Ages 4-5

To allow for quality family time, Tiny Explorers will observe designated holidays throughout the year. A full calendar is provided to all parents after enrollment. 

Hours of Operation: 7 AM- 5:30 PM


6877 Township Line Road Indianapolis, Indiana 46268

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Explore, Learn, Imagine

Physical, Social, and Emotional Development

Language and Literacy Development

Thinking and Cognitive, Skills

Dramatic play

Personal Safety & Awareness 

Engaged Initiatives 

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Parental Input

  • Shares knowledge about their child’s abilities, interests, and challenges in everyday activities 

  • Insight to personality and temperament

  • Modeling positive behaviors

  • Partnership with educators to identity assessment priorities & next steps

Tiny Explorers continues to implement research-based initiatives that increase positive learning outcomes for your child. You can expect strong partnerships with our educators. 


Specialized engagement initiatives invite families to share their unique knowledge and skills and encourage active participation in the life of the learning center.


Through active engagement, our educators are able to seek information about your child's life, family and community and integrate that information into their curriculum and learning practice. 

Cultural Influences

  • Understanding the cultural values and familial norms of a child

  • Understanding what environment and community have on learning outcomes

  • Appreciation of lived experiences of each individual child

  • Discovering how cultural influences can act as an asset in increasing learning outcomes

Curriculum & Assessments

  • Learning curriculum influenced by proven outcomes, child development stage and social/environmental influences

    • Details Coming Soon!​

  • Assessments that monitor child development and respond to their individual learning needs

  • Site assessments that provide information for evaluating program quality and inform learning center policies 

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