Our Philosophy is Simple

To create a positive and healthy learning environment that builds a concrete foundation for learning at an early age. To be nurturing and intentional while creating memories that will one day be remembered and valued by children.

Our Mission

To ensure children are encouraged to freely explore and live out their imaginations while gaining an early childhood education.

Our Programs

Tiny Explorers Early Childhood Education Center offers two unique programs that fit your growing child's needs. 

Accredited Education

Purposeful Curriculum

Elementary School Preparation

Life Skill Readiness

3 - 5 Years of Age

Engaging Activities

Safe After School Care

Homework Assistance

Tutoring Services 

Elementary School 

     7710 Michigan Road

     Indianapolis, IN 46268


(317) 523 - 1622

     Monday - Friday

     7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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